Mass Effect 3 Patch Next Week

Along with the reveal of the Resurgence DLC, Bioware has aslo revealed a patch for Mass Effect 3 will be released next week that will fix a lot of glitches including the character import glitch and other game breaking errors.

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iXenon2357d ago

Does this mean my Shepard's scars will be coming back?

ThatMiamiGuy2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Your Commander Shepard's broken face will no longer be broken.

But then again, I'm assuming this is only if you re-import the data which in effect is useless for most people who have already played the game through.

BiggCMan2357d ago

Yea that's why I held off playing it when I realized there was an issue with face importing. Was just waiting for this patch to finally come, and now I can get back to playing it.

CC-Tron2357d ago

Maybe not. What you can do is import your ME2 Shep and write down the face code. After that just apply that face code to your current Shepard on the next play through.

orange-skittle2356d ago

I didnt get it yet b/c I was waiting for the patch. I didn't want to start playing and then not have my characters face imported from ME2. Plus all the other glitches I heard about. Want to see how they handle this new ending they are working on

ShinraE52357d ago

6 new characters, 3 new weapons, and 2 new maps for free?

Thanks bioware ! The new content looks great (and for a great price)

TekoIie2357d ago

will these weapons be available in the SP???

limewax2357d ago

But we clearly need more characters for SP, and it would add a lot more to the game than the MP. I know they said that the MP wouldn't get in the way of the SP development, But clearly it has. The character choices for SP suck and they need to do something about it whenever they stop focusing on the MP

Perjoss2356d ago

In my opinion this is a great way to 'combat' 2nd hand games sales. Rather than using these online pass things just release a nice chunk of good free DLC a few weeks after launch and gamers will want to hold onto games longer before trading in.

Burnout Paradise is a perfect example of getting people to want to hold onto a game rather than trade it in. Didn't it have multiple good, free DLC packs?

Valenka2357d ago

Glad to know they're fixing the errors. But multiplayer DLC? Couldn't care less. I want to extend my campaign experience - this game was the best yet.

trouble_bubble2357d ago

The best? Best job of completely decimating the status quo of an IP maybe. I LMAO at the "desperate" storylines behind these new maps. If you've finished the game, you know these battles mean nothing in the end. Ultimately nothing anyone does in ME3 matters, including the effective military strength in MP. Such a disappointment. The irony in playing as a Geth fighting for survival. Waiting for a Catalyst skin, I imagine it'll just be a walking middle finger with DLC weapons.

Valenka2357d ago

Well that's fine if you don't like it, but don't be sour about those who enjoyed the game.

ChocalateDog2032357d ago

Ya know, considering ME3 is like 25-35 hour game, why the fuck does 10 minutes of it make the entire thing terrible? Mass Effect is an excellent series and if just 10 minutes of shoddy storyline makes the entire series suck, than I feel bad for you. You obviously don't have the thinking capacity of a wrench. Are you allowed to hate the ending? Sure. But why condemn the entirety of something amazing because of it.

Lilioups2357d ago

Yes its the best just because the ending was bad doesnt mean the whole game was...
ME3 owns nuff said

Nimblest-Assassin2357d ago


Its actually really sad... ME3 was fantastic except for those last 10 minutes.

And how the "fans" are treating Bioware is also sad, the name Mac Walters is spat on, and people praise Drew, even though he stated he recieves to much credit for Mass Effect, and everyone at bioware should be credited equally

LeoDDestroyer2357d ago


It because the last ten min makes all your choices meaningless. You could play the game the complete opposite way and reach the same choices. This lessen the impact of your choices because they don't matter which is something bioware has said many times that it would.

RyuDrinksTheDew2357d ago

finally, they are addressing some of the PS3 freezing problems.

it locked up on me 6 times, so i stopped playing the campaign.

glad i get to jump back in now.

kneon2357d ago

I wasn't even aware there were any freezing problems on the PS3. I've played it through twice, got the platinum and never had a single freeze.

RyuDrinksTheDew2357d ago

ya, like they said on the change log, there were a couple bugs on the citadel that would cause the game to freeze.

really got annoying, but im glad it isnt completely widespread.

ginsunuva2357d ago

I bet they were originally planning on selling this dlc for $6.99

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