When Did It Become Taboo To Like Video Games? | When was it not okay to actually enjoy playing video games? When did it become the norm to hate absolutely everything they’re playing? What’s the point of playing these games if there’s no chance of liking it?

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LivingTribunal2415d ago

It's not. People like GOOD games. Not crappy ones. That doesn't make it Taboo.

IDonQuixote2415d ago

I'll give the writer kudos for not using any form of the word "entitled" in the entire piece. That might make him the first.

Doesn't mean I agree with him. LivingTribunal took the words from my mouth.

BigManFanelli2415d ago

I'm glad someone noticed. Made sure not to use it, though there were times I wanted to.


I've been gaming for two decades and it's not that it's bad to like video games its simply that there are a good portion of the press...not all but a lot that like hits over substance. The nastiest way to get hits is to nit pick and talk down on actually good games.

Like I said this is just my take and I read a lot of reviews, opinion pieces and I stay on the forums 24/7 so I've had a chance to see massive surge of this kind of behavior taking root in the industry and the gaming culture.

Baka-akaB2415d ago

More like when did it became taboo for the press to do its job ?

BigManFanelli2415d ago

They do. What's your definition of "their job?" Not trying to be a jerk, just wondering for the sake of discussion.

MysticStrummer2415d ago

No they don't. Impartial reporting of facts is what the press should be doing. That's become rare because you don't generate ratings or hits by doing it that way. Much of what passes for journalism these days is actually various degrees of professional trolling. I'm not just talking about gaming journalists but many of them are certainly guilty, giving free passes to certain games and downplaying others when both have the same faults. I knew not to trust reviews before this generation started, but the reviews this gen have really gone off the deep end in some cases.

Baka-akaB2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Well most of them dont deserves to be called journalists , and the rest are just bloggers , so can expect some "leniency" .

Look at it this way , you certainly havent seen outlets like ign , gamespot , loltaku/kotaku , 1up do any kind of investigation work in the decade .

Everything they got is spoonfed by either publishers , following twitter from celeb devs , stealing infos from gaming forums like neogaf , or tips from anonymous joes .

They are such lemmings they can't even verify the info they get , and just publish it as received . Something most have been caught in the act with .

Let's not forget not even being able to write game reviews and previews without factual errors

Then you've got the magic of this new era , "opinion pieces" . Since they can't even relay info properly , they've decided to take a stab at becoming Elle magazines columnists , and daily mirror/the sun's level rumor mills .

And we've even got a new magical step , with Counter opinion pieces , when the public is called foul over their shenanigans

Right now even Perez Hilton is more worthy of the "journalist" tag .

ginsunuva2415d ago

Because older adults have trouble playing them so they labelled them as bad stupid things for kids.

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