Tokyo Jungle: All Kinds of Awesome

Tokyo Jungle is about a post-apocalyptic city where only animals remain and fight each other to the death. It's like The Road Warrior with dogs and giraffes.

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Dante1122358d ago

Lol, funny read. Didn't know dinosaurs were in this game.

Knushwood Butt2358d ago

Got my pre-order in the other day.

Getting ready for some crocodile style carnage.

Knushwood Butt2358d ago

That video in the link is awesome. GotY material here.

I love crazy stuff like this, and it's only SONY that gets behind it. Gotta give them credit.

jokia0052358d ago

yes.this is SCE Japan studio.
like it

DigitalRaptor2357d ago

This is MADNESS!

lol, it looks like one of those kind of games that's so bad it's good. Is this coming to the US/EU PSN?