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We're all fond of the Ninja Gaiden series here at AT. Challenging isn't the proper word to describe the original. It was beyond that. It was a terrific game, with enough heart and soul, cool characters, kick-ass boss fights and, above all, some honest-to-God frustration. Not the kind that makes you spit on the game and toss it out the window (although 2lions almost did that at one point), but rather the kind of frustration that makes you sweat and curse until you finish every task the game has in store for you. Realizing that you've been enraged every step of the way, you just go with the flow because every level, every boss fight, every enemy encounter eventually proves to be a rewarding experience. That was the main attraction and those qualities returned in Ninja Gaiden 2. The sequel wasn't a perfect game, albeit it retained the difficulty aspect, which was always a traditional element in the series. Ninja Gaiden 3, on the other hand, takes things in a slightly different direction.

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Dante1122293d ago

Dang, NG3 was that bad?

Emilio_Estevez2293d ago

Here is how their score breaks down -
0.0 - 3.9 - Don't Bother
These games are simply not worth your cash. OK, you might be a die-hard fan of the book, movie or whatever they're based on, but we'd still advise you to stay away.

Averaging a 6 on N4G:

Baka-akaB2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

I immensely dislike the game , but no its not that bad .

It's still a decent , and good game , but hardly worthy of being called ninja gaiden 3 .

The difference might not seems much , but is still crucial . As it is NG3 can still be enjoyed by someone that never touched a ng game before .

Giving it 3 means its worthless for everyone .

colonel1792293d ago

But that's whats wrong with the game! Why does the THIRD game of a series should be enjoyed ONLY by newcomers? For me that's a complete fail and deserves a low score.

I am tired of this casual crap that every developer wants to pull on every game. I don't care if they make 1000 new casual games for newcomers and grandmas, but don't mess with stablished franchises that are already successful and enjoyed by a lot of people

Baka-akaB2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

When did i say it was alright ? the game was ruined for old fans , but isnt the turd depicted by those weird 2 or 3 scores .

Raccoon city shouldnt be ranked higher .

I loathe it , so shouldnt even need to defend it . But if that what's pass for a turd amidst the crap that get a free pass , then i'm convinced more than ever that the media is deeply rotten , useless and corrupt

CrescentFang2293d ago

This isn't a good Ninja Gaiden game, but it's a good game on it's own. Playing on Hard was extremely difficult. It required the "challenge" you seek. I'm on Master Ninja and I can't beat the first wave of enemies easily. I haven't even gotten close to the end of Day 1. I agree that his shouldn't be the 3rd game though. I'll give them credit for trying to change the formula a bit. The game has it's own system unique from 1 and 2 that it's very different. If you're interested look up how things work, the game does nothing to tell you.