Retronomicon: Tomb Raider II

This week the Retronomicon moves back to the PlayStation to look at the defining game in one of the defining franchises of the 1990s! Join 411’s Lee Price as he examines Tomb Raider II!

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S-T-F-U2321d ago

Loved Tomb Raider 2 so much back in the day, the best TR ever released IMO. I must have completed it 30+ times. It sucks getting old :(

TheMutator2321d ago

the first Tomb raider was the best!!!

FinaLXiii2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

It was one of my first games that really gave me that sense of exploration and since i was very curious back in day i played TR games alot of times but probably i would play it alot more if it wasnt for the crappy controls.