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Submitted by Pozzle 1404d ago | opinion piece

Is EA Truly Evil?

From Mass Effect 3 and Madden to Battlefield and more, Electronic Arts is one of the biggest video game companies out there. But with recent controversies about DLC, proprietary online services and more coming to light, are they evil? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look! (Battlefield 3, EA, Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

360GamerFG  +   1405d ago
Yes. Very.
MariaHelFutura  +   1404d ago
Dee_91  +   1404d ago
if greed is a form of evil then chah brah
ATi_Elite  +   1405d ago
I use to think EA was Evil but with games like

The Secret World, Command and Conquer Generals 2, BF3 and a few other coming out I can no longer say EA is Evil.......but they do have Mean Spirited Intentions!
BitbyDeath  +   1404d ago
Do you realise how many bodies they had to step over in order to get those franchises?
hennessey86  +   1404d ago
Without EA theres no
tiger woods
mass effect
need for speed etc
Moncole  +   1404d ago
Crytek made Crysis, so we would still have it
Fiaf, we would have other soccer games
Tiger Woods, I doubt anyone care about them
Battlefield was made before EA bought Dice
Mass Effect, The first was published y MS so we would still have it
Need for SPeed, we have other racing games
finbars75  +   1404d ago
Do your info first before stating these things.I guarntee most of these games wouldnt exist or be that great withought EA.You can say Activision or other companys would have picked them up but would have run them into the ground.EA is evil yes along with every other company.Its the way the world turns.Withought making money theres less jobs for everybody or gaming would be dead.Get real guys and think about what would happen to the industry without greed.
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MysticStrummer  +   1404d ago
Some of my favorite games of this gen have EA on the box. I don't care if they would have existed without EA or not. Your whole post could apply to any big publisher.
Lord_Sloth  +   1404d ago
Your list failed to mention Dead Space which is 1 of my favorite games to launch in all of 2011.
SuperBeast811  +   1404d ago
EA is doing what every other company in america does $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ not saying its right just saying they all do it
SuperBeast811  +   1404d ago
Respawn entertainment would like to differ lol
Moncole  +   1404d ago
Pandemic and Bullfrog would disagree with you
ACBAA  +   1404d ago
some of you are just fucking reaching
DevilishSix  +   1404d ago
What do you expect when they have to pay millions in executive salaries to guys like Peter Moore.
MysticStrummer  +   1404d ago
No. If you don't like their business practices, don't give them any money. Saying they're evil just shows ignorance. There are MANY worse companies more deserving of that label.
No Way  +   1404d ago
@MysticStrummer -
In the Gaming Industry .. they are one of the most evil companies. Better?
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MysticStrummer  +   1404d ago
Nope. The worst that can be said about them is that they are greedy. I'm not even sure that's accurate, considering they are a business trying to make money, but it's certainly not evil.
SneeringImperialist  +   1404d ago
They destroy everything they touch just for money. They are evil look what DICE and BioWare were before EA, And just look at the Command and Conquer Series.
ATi_Elite  +   1403d ago
Yeah I do agree!

EA has really screwed up Battlefield 3!

Mass Effect is just a TPS with some dialogue and they dumbed down the SP to make a huge MP!

I'm gonna get Command and Conquer Generals 2 but I feel it's gonna lack the intense strategy of previous titles and play more like a simple minded shooter!
SneeringImperialist  +   1403d ago
C&C3:TW3 was the last good C&C IMO but even that was slightly lacking. And yeah Battlefield 3 causes me nothing but frustration and anger where as any other bf i thoroughly enjoy playing for hours on end to me its that EA just want to skimp on every possible thing in order to maximize profit and they even go as far to make devs rush the games out to make the money asap rather than wait and risk not making as much a hefty profit finishing the game properly and then releasing it, then they make another ton of money selling the rest of the game as DLC, which i have no doubt they will do with ME3.
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ChemicalWorld  +   1404d ago
They destroyed the Wing Commander series, for that alone they are truly evil...
catfrog  +   1404d ago
theyre a company, theyre obligated to do whatever they think will make them the most money. if consumers act stupidly, ea will try and get more money out of them

if ea is evil people who buy their games are the ones to blame. you support them, they wouldnt do something if it lower their profits and they will fix things that their customers think is broken (as mass effect 3 ending shows)

companies arent evil, they almost always do exactly what anyone would expect them to do, whats surprising though is when you read peoples reactions to it, as if theyre doing something insane or as this article says 'evil'. no theyre making money, thats what they do, theyre a company

dont like what theyre doing? their evil is too much? dont buy from them, that'll end it. youre supporting their evils if youre buying their games.
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