Is EA Truly Evil?

From Mass Effect 3 and Madden to Battlefield and more, Electronic Arts is one of the biggest video game companies out there. But with recent controversies about DLC, proprietary online services and more coming to light, are they evil? 411's Vince Osorio takes a look!

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ATi_Elite2235d ago

I use to think EA was Evil but with games like

The Secret World, Command and Conquer Generals 2, BF3 and a few other coming out I can no longer say EA is Evil.......but they do have Mean Spirited Intentions!

BitbyDeath2234d ago

Do you realise how many bodies they had to step over in order to get those franchises?

hennessey862234d ago

Without EA theres no
tiger woods
mass effect
need for speed etc

Moncole2234d ago

Crytek made Crysis, so we would still have it
Fiaf, we would have other soccer games
Tiger Woods, I doubt anyone care about them
Battlefield was made before EA bought Dice
Mass Effect, The first was published y MS so we would still have it
Need for SPeed, we have other racing games

finbars752234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Do your info first before stating these things.I guarntee most of these games wouldnt exist or be that great withought EA.You can say Activision or other companys would have picked them up but would have run them into the ground.EA is evil yes along with every other company.Its the way the world turns.Withought making money theres less jobs for everybody or gaming would be dead.Get real guys and think about what would happen to the industry without greed.

MysticStrummer2234d ago

Some of my favorite games of this gen have EA on the box. I don't care if they would have existed without EA or not. Your whole post could apply to any big publisher.

Lord_Sloth2234d ago

Your list failed to mention Dead Space which is 1 of my favorite games to launch in all of 2011.

SuperBeast8112234d ago

EA is doing what every other company in america does $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ not saying its right just saying they all do it

SuperBeast8112234d ago

Respawn entertainment would like to differ lol

Moncole2234d ago

Pandemic and Bullfrog would disagree with you

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The story is too old to be commented.