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The Tales series has been around for over fifteen years and has spawned over twenty-five games, although not all of these have come westward. The latest, Tales of Graces f, is the twelfth in the series from Namco Bandai. Tales of Graces f (or ToGf) is an updated version of Tales of Graces which was released only on the Wii in Japan. Luckily for western fans of Japanese RPGs (and especially the Tales series), Namco Bandai decided to bring the title over on the Playstation 3 after they updated it in Japan. The ‘f’ in the game’s title indicates ‘future,’ which leads to the main addition to the game — a ten-hour prologue to the game which answers a number of questions that the main storyline didn’t answer. Also, the developers have added new story scenes, secrets, costumes as well as an overall upgrade to high-definition graphics.

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Bleucrunch2264d ago

Simply Put I CANNOT STOP PLAYING THIS GAME! Between this game and Kingdoms of Amalur...They are the reasons why I go to bed at 4am every NIGHT! NO SOCIAL LIFE people...NONE! LOL Game on!

belac092264d ago

my new favorite game!!! i just beat tales of the abyss too for the first time.

Blastoise2264d ago

Im gonna get this when it hits europe this summer. May have to wait for a price drop/Special offer though seeing as it was a wii game. Im hoping if people support it they`ll localize tales of xillia.

googergieger2264d ago

Great game. I'm farming right now to temper my weapon and increase my eleth mixer. What are the odds I can do all the Inn Requests on my first play through? Trial of Graces is a fun new feature too. Though pretty hard right now that I can't use Sophie in my party.

sashimi2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

If only i haven't dropped a ton of money on PSN & PS Vita..this game would've been mine right now. But this will be mine sometime in the near future.

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