CCP’s Dust 514 wants to bring EVE Online’s world of lies, corporations, and deceit to a console FPS

PA Writes:

Why consoles? Why first-person shooters?

“It was on a test server,” CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson told the Penny Arcade Report when we asked about the bombardment demonstration earlier that day. “No way we could have done that in EVE. Well, we could have, but we wouldn’t.”

EVE Online isn’t like most online games. The players not only create the story, but they create the rules. You can cheat people out of their money. You can join a group of players, called Corporations, with the intent of double-crossing your friends and selling information about what they’re doing to their opponents. As long as you don’t break the End User Licensing Agreement, you can do anything you want. It’s a pure sandbox, and the nannies aren’t always watching. “They’re not playing a CCP game. We’re just the janitor crew that makes sure that we clean up the mess and change the lightbulbs and once in a while, make the building bigger,” Pétursson explained. “It’s their game.” The game has carved...

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Darth Stewie2293d ago

Can't wait for this game. I see so much potential in this game especially since it will be free.

Hicken2293d ago

I hate Penny Aracde, so I won't click. But I can't wait to play Dust514. I really, REALLY want to play it.

younglj012293d ago

another good read about this game....

Blader232293d ago

I dont want to hype it but i cant resist of doing so...
If CCP can pull this off then it will be revolutionary