You Might Just Be Seeing Photorealistic Graphics Like These in Tomorrow’s Video Games

Kotaku- These aren't photographs. They're screenshots created via Brigade, a realtime CPU/GPU path tracer created by Jacco Bikker. Posted on the blog of Sam Lapere—who works for cloud computing company OTOY—the details and depth-of-field effects look amazing. Lapere claims that these results rival what's possible on today's higher-end PCs.

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jon12342321d ago

photo realism doesnt mean crap when the games suck!

Adolph Fitler2321d ago

We've heard all this before. Real looking graphics are still a few gens away.

RevXM2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Wow, this is far from real looking.
Look at the Plants... Everything is really flat and dull looking.

Also the quality of these shots...

Grap2321d ago

not impressive at all

retro2321d ago

I don't want "photorealism" in my games, I want "creativity" and "fun" innit.

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