Sacrificing Resident Evil 6 for mass appeal

In Entertainment writes: Some may feel that sacrificing what we all know and love about a game or franchise may seem like selling out, although to gain bigger audiences this is sometimes perceived as reaching out for the greater good. This does not sound enticing for fans of a familiar surrounding and we are interested to see what lengths Resident Evil 6 has gone to for mass appeal.

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SOD_Delta2172d ago

I want tons of action and no horror. I want it to play like CoD but with Zombies!!!

DrPepper2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

^ obvious troll lmao, good try though

pucpop2172d ago

people are so quick to throw the word troll around, have you heard of sarcasm? if resi 6 plays like 4, with a few new tweaks then i am a happy sausage.

my pal is a pc fanboy (for reference) and said to me the other day, "oh, i heard resi 6 is gonna be crap". this statement made me question why i even talk to a guy who makes decisions based on rumours, get a life, start by going home and playing with your moms apron strings.

SOD_Delta2172d ago

People like your "pal" are annoying. It's like they take a rumor as fact.

As for my first comment, yes, I was being sarcastic.

Yangus2172d ago

Resident Evil 6 one best game 2012.
-Day one-

Crap game?LOL.

pbasson2172d ago

I think gamers should hold on their memories of how good game series used to be, let it RIP to the series they have become. Its only going to get worse.
And as for mass appeal, from what I remember more gamers like Resident Evil for survival horror, and more of them what it.

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