New Releases for the Week of April 8th-April 14th, 2012

From the ability for Modern Warfare 3 players to earn supplemental XP by digesting Doritos and Mountain Dew to those god-awful Burger King games- Sneak King, PocketBike Racer and Big Bumpin’, the video game industry is no stranger to the crass cross-promotion. Yet, this week’s intermingling of Sour Patch Kids, Method Mad, and platforming in World Gone Sour would likely leave a rancid in our mouths, if it wasn’t for the title’s near- innocuous price.

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sharpsword2442d ago

Time to see if Phil Fish's game sucks or not.

madmad2442d ago

I beg to differ. Big Bumpin’ was worth every penny of it's $3.99 asking price.

deserteaglexix2441d ago

You're kidding, right? RIGHT?

RaptorMan2441d ago

Those Skullgirls will get a whirl.

CharmingMan2441d ago

I'll try World Gone Sour. Sure it's Sour Patch Kids, but how often do we see games launch at a $5 price point anymore?

mediastudies2441d ago

Mixing Doritos and Mountain Dew will kill you quicker than a final boss!

Skullgirls for me.

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