Torchlight 2 Will Release Shortly After Diablo 3

Torchlight 2 doesn't want to compete with launch of Diablo 3.

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GamingPerson2362d ago

I am glad it's built with mods in mind! Day1 pre order!

StitchJones2362d ago

Torchlight II was bragged about being done before the end of last year. Now it's 6mths later and it's going to come out AFTER Diablo 3? This seems kind of goofy to me.

StayStatic2362d ago

I Agree they should hold off imo , fans of Torchlight will no doubt be fans of Diablo too.

Kostchtchie2362d ago

cool, i will continue play Path of exile until its release

Drewminati2362d ago

This will totally hurt torch light sales, Should of dropped it before diablo 3

ZodTheRipper2362d ago

I think they know that ...but I also think that they don't want to release an unfinished game to compete against a game like Diablo ...they would hurt their image forever and noone would take Torchlight seriously again.

VirtualSamadhi2362d ago

Agreed. I will be too busy playing D3 to take any notice of a weaker clone.

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