5 Brilliant Gaming Easter Eggs

CVG- It's nearly Easter! You know, the time where it's completely OK to gorge on crème eggs till your blood turns to chocolate, your eyes start secreting fondant filling and you keel over and collapse as a result of your euphoric chocolate eating frenzy.

Easter Eggs aren't just chocolaty treats though. In games, they take different shapes. They could be a hidden reference to another game, a different developer or something else entirely unexpected.

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Lord_Sloth2363d ago

Hate it when sites split their articles up on so many pages...

Not sure if the last is actually an easter egg...

TekoIie2363d ago

Terrible list dont click the link.

Gears 3 somehow didnt make it onto the list with easter eggs which can have you in stitches when activated with friends.

Look up Lambant chicken and dom beard easter eggs.