'Voxterium: Revision’ Preview – Voxels In The Air | IGM

Just as pixels can be used to represent two-dimensional shapes using small squares, voxels (or volumetric pixels) can be used to represent 3D shapes. Incredibly ugly 3D shapes. The one downside to the advent of Minecraft is a resurgence of voxel-based graphics that wouldn’t impress a Nintendo 64 programmer. “If Minecraft can get away with it, so can we!” is apparently a valid excuse for not collaborating with a 3D artist. Teasing aside, another point that Minecraft taught budding developers everywhere is that experimentation in game design is the best way to explore uncharted gaming territory. So, to bring you a new twist on Breakout, here’s Voxterium: Revision, a quote-unquote “polar shooter” currently in development by the one man-team of Ross Pinkstaff at Picardy-Third Entertainment.

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