Torchlight II - Berserker Preview Teaser Video

DSOGaming writes: "Runic Games have released a new in-game video for their upcoming action RPG, Torchlight II. This video is preview of the Berserker charge-bar mechanic from Torchlight II. As the Berserker attacks her enemies, she gradually gains charge. When the charge limit is reached, the Berserker goes into a Frenzy state, where all attacks result in Critical Hits. Torchlight II is currently slated for a 2012 release, though we don’t have any specific date for it as of yet. Enjoy!"

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NYC_Gamer2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

I'm buying this game along with Diablo 3....any kind of news on the Torchlight mmo from these dudes?

Mythicninja2326d ago

I'm with you, just wish they could have done it earlier. Diablo 3 looks very good, and while I'm at odds with blizzard these days, I'll be playing 3 for a long time before I get burned out