Silent Hill HD Review -

"All in all, the Silent Hill HD Collection is a worthy purchase – if you keep in mind that there isn’t much new and you just want the chance to play the games again. The only setbacks are that both games feel clunky when compared to modern releases, and the shiny makeover fails to cover up the bugs and glitches. That said, while such things can be annoying, there’s nothing game breaking."

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Valenka2296d ago

I'm glad I decided to go with Downpour instead. I mean, I love HD remasters, but I've heard some rather horrid things about this one. If one can't be bothered to improve the mechanics a bit as well as the controls, then one might want to reconsider touching a classic, even to just remaster the graphics and release it on a current-gen console.

I think I'll just play these on the Playstation and remind myself what console I'm playing and the year the games were released, so I don't unfairly compare them to modern day games.

n4gisatroll2296d ago

I bought both, I mostly got the hd collection for trophies for my girl. We already have the ps2 versions, but she's been upset there hasnt been trophies for her favorite franchise in forever. I pervert downpour personally, but the collection is good. I don't see all the problems everyone else is.