Why Grand Theft Auto: V Should Release Before the Next Call of Duty Title

Since a Call of Duty title is released every November, many people purchase it for Christmas. This makes it a huge hit and it's just a cycle. If Grand Theft Auto: V was to be released sometime around November, best before the new Call of Duty, it would surely beat Call of Duty in sales.

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NYC_Gamer2361d ago

R* does not need to rush out of the franchise will support the game regardless of release date....

Bleucrunch2361d ago

Grand Theft Auto is a special title that in my opinion no matter what time it releases will sell extremely well. Grand theft auto does not come out every year so that is a reason for one to purchase it when it releases. You can always but Call of duty every year because its a yearly rehash so you wont miss much if you don't get it when it initially comes out.

vGSaints2361d ago

Just my opinion as to how they could possibly claim the title that Call of Duty holds.

DigitalRaptor2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Grand Theft Auto is a deserved juggernaut. Call of Duty isn't. That aside, GTA is just one of those games, that when it comes along it is guaranteed massive, MASSIVE success. They have nothing to worry about because when it comes along, even the drones that buy Call of Duty every year will think again when the holy grail of open-world action: GTA V is placed before them.

And by god this game makes me feel warm inside. I have a feeling that it will the best GTA ever produced. I hope that recent info leak is true, because *damn* it sounds in-credible!

Blacksand12361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

You can't stop GTA titles there the best you can go hardcore, robbing, jacking, fighting, having sex with women and blowing $h!t up without going to jail, what a life people.

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