Super Mario Galaxy 3 – what we want to see

Gamesradar- "Super Mario Galaxy gave gamers a real reason to turn on their Wiis, something different from all the party games that were already showing their age. Super Mario Galaxy 2 showed that Miyamoto and his cadre of developers still had the fight in them to make a sequel worthy of the original’s brilliance that can stand on its own.

The Galaxy games took Mario to new heights, and if you don’t think Nintendo is already planning a follow-up of some kind, you've taken one too many star bits to the head. While we await whatever Mario’s future holds, here’s our wish list that we hope gets fulfilled."

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32359d ago

I thought they said they wouldn't be doing a SMG3...

shackdaddy2359d ago

They did. They said they ran out of ideas to make it unique.

dark-hollow2358d ago

I wouldn't mind Mario sunshine 2 tho....

chanmasta2358d ago

Why was/is there so much hate for Sunshine? Super Mario 64 was a gigantic leap from 2D to 3D, I guess people expected another huge leap or something.
I thought the game was excellent, and definitely worthy of being a Mario game.

shackdaddy2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

I would really prefer a Mario that goes back to SM64 days. Like where you jump into the paintings and everything.

Starbucks_Fan2358d ago

I'd love to see that or an HD remake for the Wii U that's similar to the DS version.

Instigator2358d ago

The hub isn't that important to me. In my opinion they can stick with the world map again as long as the level design is tight.

The castle in SM64 was pretty fun though, with lots of secrets.

PopRocks3592359d ago

I doubt there will be a Galaxy 3. I think Nintendo will change things up again to support the Upad. My guess: they'll go back to basics. Something more like 64 than either Sunshine or Galaxy. Running around, jumping and stars. Period.

Or maybe they'll go berserk and just make a game in space with water guns. Heck if I know.

YamiHoshi2358d ago

I'd rather hope for a totally new concept, than yet another Galaxy game.

mike1up2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Tanooki Suit, and Metal Mario please!