March 2012 PSN Top Sellers: Journey Soars

PlayStation Blog: It’s pretty clear that March was a banner month for PlayStation Network. As you may already know, Journey was recently proclaimed PSN’s fastest-selling game. It should come as no surprise to see that it’s also March’s top selling PSN game! Our hats are off to thatgamecompany for making a truly unique experience that you can only find on PSN. We also saw the debut of the free-to-play Killzone 3 Multiplayer, Motorstorm RC and Mass Effect 3. All of them proved to be big movers and shakers as they all made their debut in the top 20.

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ZodTheRipper2294d ago

I'm more interested in actual sales figures ...

Hicken2294d ago

WHy? You can't do anything but look at them. All you need to know is how well this game is doing, and that it's doing so because it's a unique and quality experience.

If you want to play sales, I fear you've got the wrong console for that. The PS3 is for playing games.

ZodTheRipper2294d ago

I'm not talking just about Journey, what I meant was sales figures for all the titles listed.
I don't want to "play sales" I'm just interested in seeing how many times every title really sold.

spunnups2294d ago

tonight may be the night i finally pick up journey, fl0w and especially Fl0wer were such amazing and unique experiences i know ill love this

aquamala2294d ago

So what's psn's 2nd fastest selling game?

SoapShoes2294d ago

I think it was inFAMOUS festival of blood.

guitarded772294d ago

Journey is F'n amazing... that is all.

StayStatic2293d ago

Have to agree , the aesthetics were fantastic ,really enjoyed it :D

GribbleGrunger2294d ago

if you haven't played Journey, you haven't gamed