INTERVIEW: Kinect boss Kudo Tsunoda


Kinect Star Wars finally arrived on shelves earlier this week, standing as a flagship for the new generation of Xbox 360’s motion controlled titles. MCV speaks to Microsoft’s Master Yoda of Kinect, Kudo Tsunoda, about why the game is a major boon for the device and how far the technology can go…

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Dlacy13g2363d ago

It's pretty amusing to read this interview after the games release and pretty harsh reception by the media in general.

I also laughed at "The biggest reason for doing this game is that Kinect makes you feel like a Jedi better than other video games or any other kind of medium." and then think Dance Central Star Wars... Yeah, because I saw so many Jedi gettin down on the dance floor.

Wenis2363d ago

Well, that blue chick whose nipples were visible in Jabba's Palace was a pretty good dancer

Knushwood Butt2363d ago

Yeah, Kinect makes you feel the medichlorians.