Skullgirls Hits PSN April 10th, Full Demo Details


Hey everybody! Now that I’m finally able to answer the two questions everyone’s been asking, the PlayStation.Blog has graciously allowed me to address you again. Without further ado...

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ZodTheRipper2327d ago

Another PSN game I'm not really interested in ...would rather get some of those awesome looking XBLA games that came out recently :/

smashcrashbash2327d ago

It's not a PSN game alone. Stop attempting to troll by mentioning XBLA games on a PlayStation article.

ZodTheRipper2327d ago

Wtf? I only have a PS3, just look at my avatar, don't tell me I'm trolling.

Its just that there weren't any PSN game in the last couple of weeks that got me interested.

Baka-akaB2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

ironically shotting himself in the foot even when its coming out on xbl first .

EDit : well you gotta admit that's not how your post could seem at first glance , and well avatars usually mean squat around here

ZodTheRipper2327d ago

Yeah you're right, but english is not my native language so it's already hard enough for me to write a grammatically correct post ... :S

Baka-akaB2327d ago

No issues there , it was obviously our bad anyway


Rated Fs for Fan-service to a legit level of fun and amazing 2D fighting

Kyosuke_Sanada2327d ago

Finally that's one mystery solved and I am guessing Double is the boss character of the game....