Resident Evil: ORC Spec Ops DLC Screenshots / Trailer and Release Date Revealed

Capcom has released today, ten brand new screens and the release date of the upcoming Spec Ops DLC for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

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svoulis2357d ago

This is exactly why I am keeping my copy. I like the game. I don't love the game, but as it stands the DLC is what I am waiting for.

I can't wait til they have a VS map in the Mansion.

It's gonna happen.


but why just mission 1 rather than the whole campaign? it's stupid if they expect 9.99 for an hour per chapter, but the game is fun non the less. it may also be the only game where you can hear your team mates voice so clearly

svoulis2357d ago

I beat the entire campaign and have played through it with friends, I am just excited to see the type of content they release for this game.

ritsuka6662357d ago

OMG OMG! free DLC..... game is amazing FU** the haters.

Digimortal2357d ago

God that trailer was amazing. God i can't wait for this DLC to drop. I hope they keep releasing more afterwards as well.

Kurylo3d2357d ago

so the first mission of this campaign is free... the rest of it is paid for ? lol... so they took the backlash and instead of just releasing their dlc for free they gave u the first level lol...

Im sorry, but im just going to go ahead and make beleive this game never existed...

ALICE6662357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

wow.. people are also now complaining about free DLC? I swear gamers nowadays are just a bunch of cry babies. This is capcom. I am glad and grateful that they are handing anything out without $$$ involved for once.

Kurylo3d2357d ago

my point wasnt complaining about the dlc.. i was just saying that the game sux.. why would i want the dlc.

VTKC2356d ago

I was wondering where or whatever happened to those Army characters I saw in a trailer from ages ago. I have played the entire game and I never saw them. This explains it.