GT 5 Prologue Priced and Dated for the U.S.

According to PSU, Polyphony Digital will be releasing GT 5 Prologue on March 19th, 2008 for only $39.99 USD.

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mesh13789d ago

hahah what a joke the ps3 is realseing a demo and charing a full games price hahahahahaha this is to recover from the dismall software sales the ps3 is cursed to have till the release of the ps4 as 50% of the ps3 install base buy i to play blue ray.

The Brave 13789d ago

This is way more than a demo.I mean 50 cars more than 5 tracks,16 player online matches.The price is justified.So all u cheapstakes,if u think $40 is too much just dont buy it.However dont try to say that $40 is too much.I personally would have paid full price.Thats because I am a real GT fan!

joemomma3790d ago

This will be an instant hit for ps3. It will easily hit 1000000 pretty fast.

TANOD3789d ago

GT5P is huge even if its a demo

Charlie26883789d ago

Considering GT4 Prologue became platinum its very possible this one too :)

LightningPS33789d ago

that's a lot. I mean this isn't the real Gran Turismo 5 and it's only $20 less.

I don't get it.

Gran Turismo 5 Prolouge $39.99
Gran Turismo 5 $59.99

Some people are gonna get confused or something.

mighty_douche3789d ago

Thats about £20, which i think is a bargin. ill be downloading asap.

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The story is too old to be commented.