Borderlands 2 Hands-on Preview: BuzzFocus

Sean Reardon, Gearbox Software’s Senior Producer, states that the first Borderlands game was more of a work in progress. The visual style changed throughout the course of development so that the gameplay of the end product still had relics of its original visual design. While Borderlands 2 promises more of the same great post-apocalyptic, loot hording experience, Reardon said that there was one key difference in its development cycle. “Now that we know what we’re making, now that we’re not going to debate the art style, now that we understand what the play space is supposed to feel like it, how far can we push it?”

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cbclerk2298d ago

Nice piece, this is one of the games I've been waiting for this year. Borderlands 1 was such a unique game with a very distinct look and style. Can't wait to play this.