First Look: Motorstorm RC Carnival DLC

GodisaGeek: "If you’ve listened to The Godcast recently or read our review, you’ll know that we’re big fans of Motorstorm RC. So what better way to spend a bank holiday than to watch yours truly race really poorly round some new tracks, whilst Martin and I chat.

Because that’s what we have here, some new tracks which are all pretty spiffing, especially Splash Down, where you’ll hear an audible “oooooh!” response from both Martin and I."

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Remmulak2297d ago

Love this game a lot. Everyone on PS3 should get it. PS Vita owners...its really stupid if you don't get it, considering its free. The only negatives I have read on this game is reviewers saying the controls don't seem good, but thats reviewers who don't spend the time to learn them these days. Go buy it.

Knushwood Butt2296d ago

Got this the other day and so far have just been playing the Vita version.

Enjoying it a lot. Tons of fun.

The controls did seem a bit weird at first but the 'normal' controls make perfect sense after a few laps of that initial training track.