EA Have Destroyed Battlefield 3 On The 360

Outraged at the impact server rental has had on Battlefield 3′s Xbox Live multiplayer, Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey argues that corporate greed and ‘player power’ have brought a once-great gaming experience to its knees.

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Antholex2356d ago

I don't understand why people keep saying they can't find the official DICE servers. If you go to Search and type in "DICE", all the official servers come up in a big list. Whilst this probably isn't the best way of finding them, it works and from my experience there are plenty of servers there all with descriptions of what they offer.

Emilio_Estevez2356d ago

Played last night on official servers, didn't even have to search. People just always have something to complain about. I played some custom servers too and had no issues.

da_2pacalypse2356d ago

I don't have a problem with the rent-a-server. However the console version of BF3 is just not as good as previous battlefield games. 24 people is just way too few for some of the maps that they have included in the game. I feel that the maps were not properly scaled on the console version.

for example, Operation firestorm is just too big of a map, specially on conquest. As much as I love the innovation in BF3 and think that the game is awesome, I feel that BF BC2 had much better maps :/ Anybody else feel the same?

CarlitoBrigante2356d ago

Stop complaining da2pacalypse, its been months since BF3 was released on consoles. Adjust or GTFO. No ones having issues at all with only 24players on Operation Firestorm, not after this many months, I played so many matches on that map yet you dont see me complaining.

You sound like a CoD player: "mapz are tooo bigz cry cry cry"

morganfell2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

I read this article and quite frankly I am disgusted.

You have journalists (okay, that is a joke in and of itself because there are actually less than a handful of writers in gaming today that actually merit use of the word), but you have so called journalists complaining about the fanbase Mass Effect 3 backlash and in the very next breath write a teenage angst filled, fanboy "I just got pwned in BF3" rage driven attack piece.

Hypocrite much?

I think I understand. Only so called journalists have the right to a public opinion. And when did FMV become a bastion of gaming insight?

shodan742355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )


I'm really not sure what you're talking about. The author, Dave McConkey, never complained about the Mass Effect 3 fan backlash. In fact, he was incredibly vocal about how let down he was by ME3's ending himself, and even wrote this:

Cannot for the life of me see why you're so "disgusted".

NCAzrael2355d ago


So instead of the author being a hypocrite, he's actually just a chronic crybaby?

I for one am disgusted by complete lack of sense this article makes. "Boo hoo, I don't like rented servers because I can't find a decent one." So you're going to honestly tell me that an official server isn't full of fucking morons?

I will grant you that I have only seen the console server browser in a youtube video taken at the time of the game's release, but it looks pretty close to the web based server browser for PC. On the downside there is nothing that shows the starting ticket level, so unless it is in the server name, you have to hope it isn't a huge number (unless you actually enjoy drawn out battles, in which case hopefully it is). Maybe that's something you should request on the forums, especially now that there are custom servers on consoles.

M_Prime2355d ago

i tried to read the article but it was basically a guy whining about NOTHING..

one thing i loved about BF2 on PC was the custom servers because you could spend an hour on one map and it would be fun... and teams can come back, it has been done before. 200 tickets just isn't enough sometimes, and everyone love their fave maps. If i want to play OPERATION FIRESTORM for an hour, then so be it, if you don't like it, don't join. I just hope that if you quit out early (i mean sometimes you don't have time to finish a match) the stats are recorded.. I know as it stands now, when you quit you loose everything you gained (unlocked) and the next match you can get them again. if i am quitting wrong please PM me how to do it right.

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venom062356d ago

you have to remember that A BUNCH of these writers are CoD fangirls that try to bash the best FPS out today (BF3),in every chance, since tens of thousand want #MW3BLACKOUT to go forward.... this is one of the most useless articles ever on N4G.... so because EA lets it customers do what they want, and STILL provide regular DICE servers, this is a problem??? seriously???

Heartnet2356d ago

Yet u are one of these BF3 fanboys so what difference does it make? (btw fangirls are better than fanboys just letting y aknow)

and tbh he has fair points.. if u can quick match into a server with specific rules that you do not wish to play and yet dont want to take up 20seconds or so each game to filter everything out then thats complete BS.. shud be seperate...

TekoIie2356d ago

If only fanboys could coexist peacefully....

Perjoss2356d ago

my dad can beat up your dad

Soldierone2355d ago

Didn't complain about BF3 a single time before the server issues. Not once. in fact I was a person saying how awesome the game was and for COD noobs to STfu and go away. however I hate the rent a server thing. Anyone with metro as their leading map by far is an auto noob to me. I'm tired of quick match being useless, I'm tired of getting kicked for owning the admin....I have hardly touched the game at all since the patch, went back to Bad Company 2 and have been having way more fun.

I don't agree with every point in this article, but i do agree with most of it.

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Dazel2356d ago

This doesn't work, all the idiots now paying to play online are naming their servers DICE. Just check before you join, you can see their gamertag by pressing Y.

RememberThe3572356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

The EA servers are harder to find now. I don't want to play on other peoples serves so I have to go looking for EA servers, and thats kind of lame. A filter setting for only EA servers would solve the issue though.

Some of these admins are f*ckin cheaters and some of the servers are set up horribly. So not only are the guns [nearly] all different and some of the maps are too big for 24 players, but now we have servers with game that go on FOREVER, and admits that cheat.

I just want to play, I don't want to have to mess around with what server I'm in.

ChrisW2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

As with all BF games, the PC already has such servers. And the ones that have decent, well-rounded rules are a blast to play! If you run into a server that has odd rules that you don't like, drop out and find another one.

Not a good rant on the author's part... but other than that, the article was at least entertaining and well written.

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BALLARD322356d ago

It's already hard enough to get into games with friends, let alone the same squad. Now with this server update, it's nearly impossible to get on a DICE server. So with all these 24/7 maps, ridiculous amounts of tickets, and completely immature server messages at the beginning of the game, I can trade this game in with no regrets.

Dazel2356d ago

This has to be the biggest screw up by a game Dev or their greedy publisher. Even Activision didn't go as far as to get gamers to pay again to play online.

BF3 has now been totally ruined in the name of greed.

Hufandpuf2356d ago

Wtf are you talking about?

Dazel2356d ago

I'm talking about all the idiots now paying for the very same servers that were free last week! Then adding stupid rules/names and totally ruining my favorite shooter.

I paid my cash to play BF3 but it's now impossible.

ziggurcat2356d ago

1. it's an option to pay for your own server, and you don't have to pay to join any of those servers, either.

2. if activision had its way, they'd charge people to play CoD online - kotick is on record for wanting to implement pay-to-play CoD.

3. u mad?

trenso12356d ago

yea but they get gamers to pay $50 for a service that is offered by other companies for free. Plus its their money if they want to pay extra to play the game with their rules let them. its not like youre the one paying for it. i just dont think ill be joining a custom sever again after being kicked for the fact that i was trying win and was top on my team.

Dlacy13g2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Oh... I wasn't aware there was a company out there offering up new maps every month for free? COD Elite is more than just the stat tracking my friend, you get all the new maps released on a monthly schedule. And all the new maps are free to Elite members as part of their $50.

TekoIie2356d ago

Would rather pay for ELITE than pay for a server that other games tend to offer for free...

DarthJay2356d ago

@Dlacy13g - haha, for real? $50 is prepaying for your maps along with the stat tracking Battlefield gives for free. You get maps on a monthly schedule that will equate to the same amount you would have received in the normal map packs. I would hardly call that a deal.

@Pekolie what game lets you have a private server in which you can alter the rules in a public match the way you can with the Battlefield servers? I do agree that BFBC2 had private servers but like COD, nothing that happened in those private matches counted and they were really just for MLG/GB matches.

limewax2355d ago

How are you missing the point, you gave them $50. If I paid $50 on top of the game I wouldn't want DLC, I would expect the next damn game to be free. Elite is a rip off and if you can't see it your blind

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3GenGames2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

As a player of BF since 1942, you'd have to be an idiot to say that they didn't ruin it because of the want for money. I don't find the online very enjoyable, too much recoil on ALL guns, too hard to kill people but somehow they kill you in about 4 shots, etc. We were also promised private matches and that's all I as waiting for honestly, only thing that could save me from selling my copy. Well, we got them, and they're not free. That's just complete bullshit, I've already sunk $60 into the game, BE HAPPY I GAVE YOU THAT FU***** MONEY EA. You greedy bastards needs to get the F*** away from DICE because your evil is making them produce half finished games, and it's just bulls***. That is all.

colugothelegend2356d ago

you arent a real bf player

to hard to kill?

hahahaaha you just suck

bf3 is awesome

3GenGames2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

How many veteran tags do you have to state your opinion ovr mine? You think I'm joking? No, this game plays like a COD clone and it's a bastard child of the entire series. Those are pretty much facts only somebody just jumping on the Bad Comapny/BF3 fanboat will denounce.


It was hard to kill in most other BF games like 1943, 1942, BF2, etc. But it was balanced, BF3 is NOT.

Drabent2355d ago

I thought it was just me!!! There is way to much recoil hell I can't use but 3 carbines if I really want to kill....btw nothing fixed the input lag for me.......

Fylus2355d ago

3GEN, I kinda get the feeling that your just trying to troll. Now don't get me wrong, I trust that your experience with the game is very real, but for most other people, it isn't that way. Like, I personally don't feel like the guns have too much recoil at all. There are 2 factors that you must compensate for when shooting. Vertical/Horizontal climb, and controllability (How much kick the first round fired has, plus how much kick/accuracy the gun gains or loses during sustained fire).

Knowing your gun and how to compensate for how it handles is how your going to do well.

If you were a real BF player, you'd know that. I mean 90% of the other players are obviously not having problems getting kills. So stop complaining.

0neShot2352d ago

@Fylus, 3GenGames is a true die hard BF fanboy. Just check his comments on how hard he try bashing COD, as if he is already an EA or DICE employee.
Now, thinking that a BF fanboy is butthurt with what's happening with BF3, then I guess EA got pissed with BF3 being futile agaist COD and took advantage by doing whatever to get money and doesn't really care about the gamers.

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Mikeyy2356d ago

The added recoil ruined this game, whats wrong with the servers????

foamychicken2356d ago

ive never been kicked from someones server because im not an ass hat. why even join a blow torch server if you think it is stupid?
EA Have Destroyed Battlefield 3 On The 360
EA Have Destroyed Battlefield 3
EA Have Destroyed
EA has destroyed battlefield 3 on the 360(which is untrue,douche bags destroy good things)

ExCest2356d ago

Speak the truth. The battlelog forums are actually swarmed with people that are butthurt.

Perjoss2356d ago

"forums are actually swarmed with people that are butthurt."

I have never seen this in my life, who would have thought eh? people actually complaining on an internet forum.

Rupee2355d ago

What's up with the plethora of "butthurt" posts lately?

trenso12356d ago

you dont have to be an ass hat to get kicked. i was playing conquest helping my squad being the best i could be when the server leader saw they had a chance of winning since the got 2 flags after having none. he kicked me, i guess to eliminate a strong player since my team which i was kicked from lost that game. some server admins are just petty.

goukijones2356d ago

EA "Ben Hads" Destroyed bro.