Can you relate to Far Cry 3's ethnic players - does race actually matter?

Does it really matter who you are killing in an online shooter whether it be aliens, Germans or faceless troops? Does race come into the equation , and more importantly, does this change the appeal of a game?

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bunt-custardly2295d ago

Touchy subject. I don't think anyone is going to just come out and say "yeh I don't like playing as black characters".

Personally it doesn't make any difference to me but I think more games should offer customization like Mass Effect does.

NYC_Gamer2295d ago

I don't play games because the color of the characters skin

lastdual2294d ago

For me, it's extremely important to relate *intimately* to my character. That's why before I play a new game, I go out and get a sex change or undergo a skin pigmentation operation so as to properly set the mood.

...You don't want to know what I went through to play as an Argonian in Skyrim (on the bright side, I can now breathe underwater).

TheModernKamikaze2294d ago

If you want racial diversity, it's okay I guess.

Agent_S2294d ago

I like RPGs for this reason. Character customization solves this issue, no one feels left out. I also favor faceless leads in games (Master Chief) as it allows you to project yourself onto the character.

Now when it comes to enemies, so long as its a well developed game with a story worth playing through. I don't see how it could possibly matter what they are.

ElasticLove2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

I play games to entertain myself, not to worry about what color is my character's skin.

But it wouldn't hurt to see just a bit more diversity when it come to developing a main character. Because having the same looking generic male character does get pretty old after while.

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