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TheGamingExerience says: "Let’s face a simple fact, video games centered on the malicious killing of the undead is a huge thing in this moment of the industry. I often wonder if the franchise that made it popular was never created, would we still be hell-bent on killing the undead? More than likely not, and that is why the Resident Evil franchise is one of the best. "

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Valenka2326d ago

I definitely disagree with this review almost entirely; Operation Raccoon City was severely lacking in many aspects, even though it was slightly reminiscent to the classic Resident Evil instalments. I agree with what was said about the controls, but the gameplay and story needed a lot of work.

VTKC2326d ago

4 out of 5? Really? the reviewer cant be serious. I am quite the resident evil fan and even I dont agree with that. I dont think this game is good at all. I was very dissapointed when I played this.

TheGamingExperience2326d ago

The thing here is yea, it may have a bit of faults, but still the game was fun. End of story.