PS3 Call of Duty IV Online Fix Coming

For anybody who has tried to play COD 4 for the PS3 online these past few weeks, it has been more frustrating than being a one legged man at an a** kicking contest. Well, a fix is coming (or so we're told).

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Forbidden_Darkness3304d ago

atleast ist not an entire online service..... *cough*xboxlive*cough)

Panthers3304d ago

This isnt a story about Xbox, so why do you need to bring it up? Fanboys of any system become so threatened...

I cant wait for this fix though. I have been getting very pissed off these past few days.

aba3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )


aba3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

I thought the first patch was supposed to fix the lag issues? I still get in non-NA games that lag balls. Until its fixed im playing the 360 version.

ps3playbeyon3303d ago

Hell Yeah they better hurry up n fix's starting to piss me off.....

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Jdash243304d ago

what problems is anyone having with cod4 online?........i occasionally cant find a game, but thats it really

SL1M DADDY3304d ago

I had trouble on one day and that was only a few days ago. Even then I was able to find a match, it just took a little longer than normal. As for the service goes, it was the the fact that the PSN was up and running that I traded my copy of COD4 for the 360 in for the PS3 version. At least there is no fee to play a great game like this on the PS3.

monkey6023304d ago

I have a lot of trouble connecting to hosts.
Mute and host migration are desperately needed too

killer_trap3304d ago

the only problem i have is that i don't own the game.

Hatchetforce3304d ago

You aren't missing anything. I got to the rank of Major General II and realized it was all 30 seconds of life and no skill. I went back to SOCOM and haven't played COD4 since.

FirstknighT3304d ago

Your right about COD4 but SOCOM is the absolute worst of the shooters.

Jandre023304d ago

Never talk about SOCOM like that ever again you fool. Its the best game ever created.

heyheyhey3304d ago

of course firstknight is gonna troll SOCOM- its ps3 exclusive what do you expect? he doesn't care that it was the counterstrike of the ps2 online world and he doesn't care that its one of the most loved and critically acclaimed multiplayer shooters out there

ELite_Ghost3304d ago

SOCOM was the "halo" for ps2, just not as popular!

socomnick3303d ago

socom sucks its a freaken grenade fest.

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Bordel_19003304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

I didn't know there was a problem. I play it online almost every day.

Edit: Oh, wait, I recall yesterday it took a bit long to get in to a game.

Milkman5413304d ago

There was a problem a day or two back, but now everything seems fine...