Kingdom Hearts 3D Is Both a Dream and a Nightmare | Kotaku Preview

Kotaku: Kingdom Hearts is one of those series whose quality varies wildly from game to game. Sometimes they are nothing but near pointless filler while others are as solid as the numbered iterations in the series. Much like the "even-number Star Trek films curse," fans of the series believe those Kingdom Hearts titles released on Nintendo consoles are doomed to be inferior. So does the 3DS' Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance prove the pattern true once again or drop it like a bad habit instead?

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PopRocks3592359d ago

Still better than a lot of the things people told me about either of the DS games and Birth By Sleep.

PersonaCat2359d ago

I'd say BBS rivals KH1 in quality. I never played any of the DS games so I can't say anything on those, but I've heard they were pretty lame. Then again, a lot of people weren't fans of CoM and I loved it.

kesvalk2359d ago

funny, i think 356/2 days is one of the best games in the series, coded had a very creative system that actually worked

on the other side, BBS was complete shit, worst game os the series, and i traded my DS for s PSP just for that game, worst decision ever.

PopRocks3592359d ago

That's why I never trade unless I can truly spare the game/accessory/console for good (GCN for Wii, for example). I just save up. It takes more time to get stuff, but I get them eventually.

trenso12359d ago

how was it the worst of the series? it had a great battle system, one of the games not on a main console that rivals the main games with a great story that clears a lot of plotholes while creating more interesting questions. imo way better than coded. which only important part of that game was the secret ending.

kesvalk2358d ago

it's your opinion dude, for me, the BBS story is completely boring with awesomely stupid characters

"oh look! this maked strange boy says my friend is in danger, so i will go against my master orders and my two best friends opinions and cross the galaxy just to be sure!"

that was star wars episode 3 all over again...

TheUnbiasedLion2358d ago

Most emotional = 358/2
Most unique/good story = bbs
Most creative = re:coded
Worst but still a good story = chain of memories

Talking about handhelds (so not including 1 and 2)