We get it, Internet, you hate EA

Mike Deneen of Games Are Evil thinks the recent Consumerist poll for the Worst Company is America is a little off. Has Bank of America decided to charge $10 to buy used homes? Or has EA decided to illegally foreclose your Xbox?

With an experience in matters of commerce, Mr. Deneen looks at why we may want to adjust our priorities with this vote...

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360GamerFG2294d ago

Yes we do. . .Yes we do.

Baka-akaB2294d ago

What doesnt the internet hate anyway ?

Grap2294d ago

idiots u need to know that's USA =/= world so stop crying

ZodTheRipper2294d ago

I think they've done a good job recently. FIFA Street, Fight Night Champion or Kingdom Of Amalur were all really good games.
If it weren't for those yearly sports game updates ...

Oschino19072294d ago

And for every new game that comes out another gets its online servers shut down and its not just sports games. Sad when your average EA game only has a 3-4yr online lifespan and then its shuts down along with any traces of it. Sure they have made a lot of hardcore fans of games and series along with late buyers very happy and satisfied *rolls eyes*.

Oh and they dont have trouble selling their DLC for full price up to and after they shut down the servers to it even if the DLC is 50% or more online. I am sure they will still sell online passes up to the day they shut down servers also but since its a more recent thing we will have to wait and see.

Rainstorm812294d ago

I dont understand how people complain about online servers being shut down, half the games that get shut down there is NO ONE online, popular games that actually get played dosent get shut down.

I guess they should keep mediocre games online for about 100 people to still play, games that dont sell well and dont get played online should be shut down...IMHO

Rainstorm812294d ago

The update for Fight Night Champion ruined the game, OWC is useless now due to stamina changes, changes in the power punches no cuts etc...

Its a completely different game after the patch, Before the patch you could go 12 rounds in a fight, NOW, by the 7th round both fighters will be playing patty cake.

IMO that one of EA's biggest screw-ups this gen, EA needs to ignore soccer moms and people that complain about their games (MoH taliban, FNC blood), dont ruin them for the people that enjoy them

Bimkoblerutso2294d ago

Ugh. This is how it always works. There's a problem with something, the internet overreacts, a reactionary "movement" arises in contrast to the overreaction that eventually unfairly vindicates whatever the original problem was. So nothing gets done.

EA obviously is not the worst company in the United States, but that doesn't, in any way, shape or form, absolve EA of all guilt. They are amongst the worst in the video game industry.

vortis2293d ago

I agree, they're not the worst in America but given our sad, sad journalism ring the only way consumers can voice their displeasure is with polls like this.

Besides, if BOA had won does anyone really think ANYONE would have done anythigna bout it? They don't give a rats behind about their public image. EA isn't big enough to forfeit this kind of bad press, though.

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