ZTGD | Xenoblade Chronicles Review

Jason Gambrel writes: I have been a fan of RPG video games ever since I read an issue of Nintendo Power with a picture of a Japanese crowd in line to buy the third game in the Dragon Quest series. I waited with anticipation as the release of the domestic version of Dragon Quest, called Dragon Warrior in the West, was released. Around the same time, I was also intrigued by pen-and-paper RPGs, but would not be caught dead playing with a 20-sided die in front of my religious parents.

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X-Alchemist2360d ago

10/10 0_0
wow that's a good score and great review.
I actually want to pick up this game now

Wolfbiker2360d ago

But it is still fantastic

In reality nothing is a perfect game but it is an high quality title.

FrustratedFury2359d ago

Exactly, Jabberwocky. 10 out of 10 doesn't mean perfect. For, a 10 means:

"This honor only goes to games that we feel will be remembered for years to come. It is a prime example of superior game design. This is a title that everyone should play as it defines what it means to be a gamer."

Blastoise2359d ago

@Jabberwocky237 I never said it wasnt a great game. Just its not a 10.
@FrustratedFury, again I never said a 10 needs to be perfect, no game is perfect. But I still dont think this game is worth a 10.

FrustratedFury2359d ago

@Blastoise So, what would you give the game instead?

otakukidd2359d ago

Its all a matter of opinion and therefor does not matter. A score is just a rating a person thinks the game is. Keyword is person. All review scores need to be taken with a grain of salt. But when almost every place says this game is a 9 or 10 then that's what it deserves. Can't wait to play it after work.

Wolfbiker2359d ago

Indeed.. this is why they write words to go with the reviews....hell sometimes even entire sentences.

The score is ultimately irrelevant and of course is the opinion of one person. This is why I love famatsu's method of reviewing.

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Indigo1232360d ago

Great review

Seriously. I mean it. you know rpgs, you love them, and you arent negative

aDDicteD2359d ago

very nice review, it's a must have