DLP Prototype Makes Gamers Look Geekier

Tired of getting blasted by your bro (or sis) on split-screen mode?

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aslucher3670d ago

All i have to say is that is super cool!

Two images on the same screen, i wonder how it blocks out one of the images....

gamesR4fun3670d ago

both sets oscillate at different rates corresponding to the 'car' you are suppose to see....

Ill wait until they mainstream a fully immersive headset. With oled they should be able to make a set of glasses that would let you see a entire 3d environment. Imagine being in the game. This just lets you play select (Im assumings) games with a whole screen when you'd normally use split... Still pretty cool but cant see it taking off.

Maddens Raiders3670d ago

too bad the interviewer and interviewee are both clinically retarded.

timmyp533670d ago

that girl captured my eye. =)

Tru_Blu3670d ago

I'll agree, she is a hot "average" woman. Nothing to brag about though.

Kwijiboe3670d ago

10 years too late.

1997's Goldeneye :(

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