CDP shows off its tech in a 6m video

TVGB: "CD Projekt has put out a massive six-minute video of a stand-alone Geralt story. This isn't in-game then, as mentioned at the beginning of the video, nor a part of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. But it's great nonetheless."

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KING852296d ago

Looks fantastic! I am really looking forward to playing this.

Mariusmssj2296d ago

the Red Engine really has some nice potential :D

MagicAccent2296d ago

My computer can't handle this.. And I don't have a 360..

Why are you tormenting me this way, CD Projekt? :(

DigitalRaptor2296d ago

I'm sure any modern computer can handle it running on the lowest settings. The 360 version has probably shipped to stores since it comes out in just under 2 weeks, and I have a feeling that they're working on the PS3 version as we're watching this.

Rupee2296d ago

I have been looking forward to the 360 version since it was a rumor!!! Can't wait to pick this one up! I'll spend the next two weeks convincing friends this a must buy...

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