Do you become your character in an online shooter?

When playing shooters, do gamers see their player as a representation of themselves, a digital version set within a fantasy world, or do players simply assume control of the character to fight the good fight?

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Valenka2362d ago

I tend to try to immerse myself in the game, thus giving the feeling of actually being there. My Tritton headset helps a bunch with that too.

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RioKing2362d ago

In, no. In other genres, yes.

Kyosuke_Sanada2362d ago

My Metal Gear Solid Online character was the only character I really had a connection to especially after teaching newcomers in boot camp.....

[I'm engaging the enemy! YAAAAAAAAHH!!!]

Swiggins2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

"Yes....I am the sniper...I hunt my prey....While the battle rages on....I wait....Now I see my victim....The crosshairs line up.....I begin to squeeze the trigger, in moments all that will remain is pink mist....

*get's knifed in the jaw*


No, I don't. To me shooters are more about mindless fun than any kind of roleplaying. I do have this incredibly odd habit of leaning though...Whenever I get a knife kill or fly a jet, I'll always lean into the turn or into the strike, I can't stop myself from doing it.

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The story is too old to be commented.