PlayDevil: In depth Mass Effect 3 Review

PlayDevil has posted an in depth review of probably their GOTY already, "Mass Effect 3".

Here's a snippet:

"Mass Effect 3 hasn’t really done much to change up the gameplay. Your core run-and-gun 3rd person shooting is there, and it remains a little wonky. You may be doing far more of it though, because certain sections of the game definitely felt more ‘shooty’ than Mass Effect 2 ever did. The game is much easier to play though on the Xbox, at least, thanks to the amazing Kinect integration."

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portugamer2321d ago

The reviewer says the Xbox version is the one people should get, because of Kinect integration.
I would say its the version to get... If you only have a x360.

The importing issue, because of the hard drive, cloud save etc, alone, is a good reason to get the ps3 version, which has no problems with data import, and has no problems at all. Not being able to import some saves, on the Xbox, for me, its a total disaster. One of the biggest reasons why people liked the trilogy, is because you can import your old characters and decisions. IF you aren't able to do that, on the 360, well, its like that option never existed.

So, for me, that issue with the save files is enough to say the Xbox version isn't the one to choose.

Not a fanboy talking, I'm sure both versions play flawlessly. Will people be happy with their Kinect features, on mass effect 3, if they can't import your old Shepard, from 1 and 2?