Countless BF3 Rent a Server problems, improvements needed

Product-Reviews writes: When DICE announced that a major patch was coming to Battlefield 3, they also revealed that the game would now have support for custom servers, giving players the opportunity to rent a server for a monthly fee and customize the game to their liking.
However, not everyone is happy with the service. It appears that in allowing gamers to rent servers, EA has started to cut down on their own official servers, presumably to lower costs on their end even further, while at the same time providing even more servers available for paid customers.

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danswayuk2356d ago

Change has to be made sometimes but I am not sure if I like this one for BF3.

CoolBeansRus2356d ago

I was playing with a buddy of mine on his server and this guy was just kicking anyone that killed him in a way he didn't like. Usas? Kick! Jet?Kick! It was gay. They need to separate owned servers from public ones. NOW!

Terarmzar2356d ago

That happened to me yesterday i was in the jet and killed this guy. within 5 seconds i was kicked by the admin. Sore loser...

Brettman20082356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

They really need to split the servers between the official servers and the hosted servers, and, bring back more official servers. There is now mostly hosted servers with many that are heavily modified. I played one game last night that went for well over an hour. If I was cynical, I would say that this is a cash grab masquerading as player choice.

3GenGames2356d ago

Terrible addition. Heck, now my hopes for private matches are gone because first of all, my server would fill up in minutes. And the only thing worse than having a ridiculous 8 or 16 people to start the private matches on 1943, we now have to pay RIDICULOUS ammounts for a "private" server. EA can f*** off, they've ruined this game.

ThatHappyGamer2356d ago

You can set a password and prevent random people from joining your server.

Solid_Snake372356d ago

? Exactly man... You can set a password on your server if you want.

3GenGames2356d ago

Okay, a little off, but still, I get put into private servers still all the time, MAKE IT STOP AND MAKE THEM FREE. Period. That's how it should be.

OcelotRigz2356d ago

I think this a great addition, a little bit messy at the moment but thats expected, this is the first time this has happened on consoles.
Theres still the official servers, they've just given us more choice and variety, plus the ability to have our own server to play with friends and hold competitions. How is this a bad thing?
If you dont like it dont play on them. Use the Server Browser, find an official server that suits you and walah.


Thats great.. but how do i find the official servers? All I seem to be able to find are custom. I just want a normal game.

I liked it better when I could just hit quick match, pick a game type and just roll into a game.

HammadTheBeast2356d ago

You do know that you can favourite servers right? And a lot of the normal servers have the PPXXXX in front of it, meaning it hasn't been tampered with.

OcelotRigz2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Well, you can go into server options turn off custom servers.

Hufandpuf2356d ago

You can search for servers also.