GAME deliberately misleading consumers with false advertising

It seems UK retailer GAME still haven't learned how to conduct themselves despite almost going down the pan recently.

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bunt-custardly2293d ago

This is just one of many reasons why I'll never shop at GAME.

milohighclub2293d ago

But u know, could actually be a genuin mistake.

Doubt they would want to risk something like this after what's just happened

bunt-custardly2293d ago

As you point out (pun intended), not something they should be making so soon after all the crap they've just been through.

2100 for a tenner is great value, it's a shame they probably will not honour what they are advertising though.

Genuine mistake or not, this IS false advertising.

milohighclub2293d ago

Yeah I agree, it is false advertising and it doesn't look good at all.

Youd think they would be a bit more careful with stuff like this, it gives the impression that they really don't give a shizzle.

TekoIie2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

yeh this is defo wrong if done deliberatly. I mean i think people are really desperate to get GAME now tho. While back we had a photo of mass effect 2 with the price sticker over the "2".

GAME have always done that (so has CEX) but just because they could be going out of business people decide to have a go at them for it.

TopDudeMan2292d ago

Nah, that's got mistake written all over it. There's no way that would be deliberate.

ginganinja2292d ago

It's hardly the crime of the century. Once you click on the ad the product description page shows the correct price.
You've got more than one chance before you pay for it to notice and cancel.

I guess in this 'moan about anything' age it's easier to make a blog post and try and blow things out of proportion than just try and contact those that have made the obvious error and get them to put it right.

FlashXIII2292d ago

Couldn't you pay for it, use up the code or whatever you get for the points then demand a refund saying that it wasn't as advertised? In terms of the law in the UK, i'm fairly certain you're entitled to a full refund under those circumstances despite if the product is digital or physical.

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