Whispers of the Wii U In the Industry

Nintendo Enthusiast:

"Sometimes you hear things by talking to people around the industry. Does it mean that everything mentioned comes to fruition? No. But, at least it gives you an idea of some of the conversations being whispered in the back alleys of the developer channels. Some things pan out and some things don't. Here's some things I've been hearing lately..."

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donman12299d ago

Very good read... I for one will be paying close attention to Nintendo stocks. Let it drop based on false information... Once you buy it then just ride that wave of the money train. Plus Wii U will be day one buy for me.

Menashe2299d ago

I'm considering buying stock.

2EHO2299d ago

Basically I could have told you all of that without even talking to people.

2EHO2299d ago

Funny how this post won't get 100 comments

admiralthrawn872299d ago

of course not. its not negative enough about nintendo.

mike1up2298d ago

Yea it is funny.

It'll be even funnier after the WiiU is released, and we get to see a lot of these so called "experts" flip flop.

That's the punchline that I have been waiting for.

Yangus2299d ago

Wii U day one.
End of story.

Ck1x2299d ago

Absolutely right! Not only will this article not get many responses or hits, but I predict that by the end of the day 10 more negative wiiu articles will have pushed this one and other positive facts clear off of the front page...

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