Should GTA 5 seek inspiration from Saint’s Row?

GTA 5 Cheats writes "Ever since THQ released its GTA-esque series of games, Saint’s Row, people have been asking the question as to how much inspiration (if any) Rockstar themselves should take from the franchise across to the Grand Theft Auto, and more recently/specifically, GTA 5. Both series have their advantages and drawbacks, but do Rockstar need to try and replicate some of the elements that have made the Saint’s Row games so popular?"

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ATi_Elite2296d ago

Super duper HELL NO!

GTAV has SAN ANDREAS for it's inspiration!

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Psychotica2296d ago


BitbyDeath2296d ago

No, GTAV should get inspiration from GTA Vice City.
The best one IMO

Rainstorm812296d ago

NO! You cant copy a copy that never turns out well...

Besides Love it or hate it GTA4 is still talked about SR the Third has been all but forgotten already

KMCROC542296d ago

can't be your talking about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.