If you missed CD Projekt RED's Spring Conf 2012, Watch it here

CD Projekt RED is showcasing the PC and XBox 360 Enhanced Version of Witcher 2 in their Spring Conference 2012 held yesterday. Recorded Version.

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caboose322172d ago

Her'es the highlights for those who don't want to watch the whole thing.

- Some 360 gameplay and a brief showing of a new area from chapter 3
- Small clip of a new in engine video to be released in the next few days
- Fallout 1 for free on plus new ubisoft games
- Free iOS Witcher 2 comic app
- Witcher 1 on mac through steam
- 1000 community review copies of Witcher 2 EE available.
- Free digital backup copy if you already own The Witcher 2.

Think that was about it.

OmegaSlayer2172d ago

I will get disagrees, maybe I'm just here for those.
F! Them for their lack of support to PS3 owners.
5-6 years into a console gen you're idiot to neglect a 60 million fanbase, no matter how hard it is.

j-blaze2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

no, their games should stay exclusive to Microsoft systems "Windows and 360"

i think MS should buy CD Projekt before they go big plus Quantic Dream

@ smelly the g8ter

"it's already on Mac"

just the first Witcher which was announced for the mac just recently.....oh mac users will get to play a 6 years old game now how awesome 一_一

slimy the g8ter2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Actualy jackhole it's already on Mac so technically it's not microsoft exclusive

OmegaSlayer2172d ago

Geez, you managed to get a worse Agree/Disagree ratio than me, and I did it on purpose :p

urwifeminder2172d ago

Im focusing on getting my new pc up so im not getting console games untill its paid for and built sorry geralt maybe at the end of the year with me3 and halo 4..