Skyrim 1.5 patch not on UK PS3 yet, be ready with this freezing fix

InEnt writes: Skyrim 1.5 patch is not on UK PS3′s yet, so be ready with this freezing fix – we’ve just checked our PlayStation 3 and there is no Skyrim 1.5 patch yet but this is good news for those of you in Europe thanks to issues others are reporting and allows you to be pro-active. This can be done by deleting game data from “Game>Game Data Utility>select Skyrim” via the PS XMB menu, although they also note this is not the same as your game save data. Once you restart Skyrim they claim it fixes all problems being reported by PS3 users, which are related to crashes when you enter water.

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danswayuk2357d ago

Skyrim update 1.5 still not live in the UK on PS3.

AtomicGerbil2357d ago

It's update 2.04 on PS3 not 1.5. I'm in central England and the update turned up on mine last night.

Leeta2357d ago

this news is wrong, who writes this crap. had 1.5 on my ps3 last night.