Skyrim Patch 1.5: Freezing Problems & Impressions For PS3 and Xbox 360

Techtorial: Several players are experiencing "freeze problems" for Skyrim after installing patch 1.5 when coming in contact with water (affects Xbox 360 and PS3). More impressions from this report.

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Scrivlar2357d ago

The underwater change I think is making it a little hazey as if you had water in your eyes, and the surface was a blue line that only looked realistic when you came back up

Scrivlar2357d ago

Oh and I don't know about Firebolt and Fireball etc but I got a killcam with Flames.

GaMErFoLife882356d ago

i havent had any probs with it, i play on the 360 and it works great i love the new water effect and the magic killcams are soooo satisfying its aweosome, thanks beth next time dont make us wait so long please!