Trials HD Easter Eggs may add up to something more

"Every time I meet someone who has played or even heard of Trials HD, I mention the “Trials HD Riddle”. The entire story about it I find totally fascinating, largely due tot he fact that the riddle has remained so well hidden. If you have ever played Trials HD, ask yourself this: Did you know that there were 18 unique Easter Eggs hidden within the tracks? Did you know these all connect to form a riddle that has remained unsolved for over two years? You didn’t? Well read on my friend, you are in for an eye-opening experience."

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Dicaxe2297d ago

That's some deep stuff, man.

LivingTribunal2297d ago

Deep indeed but still... How is your everyday gamer going to know ANY of this? Especially when you are flying through the tracks.

Some people just like to take their time in a race against time i guess. :|

Prince_Dim-Lu2297d ago

Not surprised that an awesome game, has a 2 year old awesome Easter Egg.

hennessey862297d ago

say I have never noticed one of them during play, on the other hand after seeing them I have no clue what they mean. I think they are just messing with our heads or at least attempting to :D