Top 3 Retro Video Games That Need A Reboot in 2012

BootHammer discusses their Top 3 picks for Retro Games that need a reboot in 2012.

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TrendyGamers2292d ago

I still play Killer Instinct Gold so a reboot would be great.

BootHammer2292d ago

It would be a killer launch title for the Wii U, no pun intended ;)

Stansolo2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

It will never be on the wii u, shame that.
Rareware own the licence, midway published it it the arcades and nintendo only published it on super nintendo and N64.
When Rareware broke away from nintendo they took there beloved killer instinct with them.

memots2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

i would love to boot up this game on my 360 or next gen console and see the old gold RARE software logo. !!

BootHammer2291d ago

Absolutely! Maybe E3 will reveal a few surprises ;)

Stansolo2291d ago

Killer Instinct is a must but I would like to see, Virtua racing (arcade perfect port) and a reboot update of the Super Nintendo classic mech shooter Cybernater.
Thing is there's so many good old games we all love, we really want the bloody lot.
So much gameplay back then, miss it big time.

BootHammer2288d ago

Well said, the gameplay was so much fun back then. I love the current generation but there just seemed to be more variety back then. It's now a world of FPS's and sequels for the most part.

ShaunCameron2291d ago

I'm dying to see what that hoverbike stage would look like in a 3D reboot of Battletoads.

BootHammer2288d ago

Yes that level would be awesome! HD models of all the battletoads and bosses would be sick too ;7