Top Five Features Next Gen Consoles Should Have

With the next generation of consoles almost upon us, everyone is wondering what they will have inside of them. While hardware no doubt makes a great console, what about features? What about improvements that make the act of playing games more fun. No one knows what the features will be, but lets explore some that should be.

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eldeladi2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

A Goddam CPU and GPU that are Worthy of the Next Gen title.
- 8 Core 3 ghz CPU
- Dual NVIDIA 760 GPU setup (Think the popular and economic 560 sli)
- 4gb DDR3 Ram

I would be happy to shell out $500-$600 for that knowing that it will actually last me until 2020.

hakis862357d ago

Agreed, actually.

Would be awesome if the GPU part supported Dynamic V-sync and the new Anti-aliasing from nVidia (what's it called again - FXAA? TXAA?)

2357d ago
Malice-Flare2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

too bad nVidia's licensing policies are too cost prohibitive for them to ever be considered for consoles ever again...

_Aarix_2356d ago

YOU would be happy to but YOU wont single handidily keep a buisness going. Consoles need to be cheaper than $500 to be a sucess. If there was a $600 console the ps3 would be fresh in everyones mind and you know how well that went. I know people want the latest and greatest hardware well too damn bad.

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Malice-Flare2357d ago

sorry but #5 will never happen. too much opportunity for abuse...

PopRocks3592356d ago

Aside from the voice chat part, none of this seems essential to me. Probably because I'm not big on multiplayer games. I like to play games and chat with friends. That said, I have Skype for chat anyway, and my computer is pretty close to my game consoles.