Developer of PC FPS Ravaged Turns to Kickstarter for Final Touch Funding

Ironhammers: It’s a regular story lately. As startup fundraising website Kickstarter continues to show it’s worth as a means to fund game development, more indie developers are jumping on-board. The latest to do so is 2 Dawn Games, who are currently working on Ravaged.

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Breadcrab2298d ago

Err, you guys do know RAGE came out recently? Alright, just checking.

ATi_Elite2298d ago

Rage sucks in every single way imaginable when compared to Ravaged!

Sure Rage is an OK game but with way too many shortcomings but Ravaged kicks everything up several notches.

just check out the video in 720p and remember folks this is only pre-alpha and it looks better than Rage already!