Silent Hill: Downpour Review []

GamingUnion: "Silent Hill may very well be the most infamous town in video gaming history. And when you look back at the history of the horror franchise it's easy to see why: the series is absolutely saturated in iconic lore. It's one of the few games that's as definable by its characters as it is by the landmarks. There aren't levels, but instead locations that are defined by the terrible experiences that players have (and learn about) as they continue to play. Even sandbox titles would struggle to keep up with the amount of personality that Silent Hill exudes. So it's understandable that there's quite a bit of pressure on Vatra Games to finally do the series justice with a brand new installment that is hopefully received by fans as more than a nice try."

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Jackhass2299d ago

Too bad about this game...I'm a big SH fan and the last one (Shattered Memories) was actually really good.

guitarded772299d ago

I got Downpour, and it's no 5/10 IMO. There are some technical issues, but it's had a patch since then and it cleaned up much of the screen tearing. Besides that, I really like the game. I'm not saying it's a 10 or worth the $60 price tag, but if you wait and score it at about the $30 price point, you'll be getting a good deal at that price point. There reviews have been saying the game is mediocre, but to me it's better than what many are making it out to be.

Eddy2232299d ago

I actually like downpour! The monsters are ehh but other than that the game is really good. Not better than two or three but its much better than what people are making it seem.

LordMegatron2299d ago

I actually really liked this game. It's no 10/10, but IMO it's a hell of a lot better than 5/10

floetry1012299d ago

Everyone here has already said what needs to be said. Downpour is hopelessly underrated. It's not without some irritating issues, but it's almost certainly the most faithful and interesting Silent Hill title in a long while.