TGSN / Kinect Star Wars - Review

A short time ago, at an E3 not so far away, Microsoft unveiled the prototype for their Kinect sensor. Once the initial outcry from core gamers had begun to subside (sort of), we were left to dwell upon the sheer potential of this latest Xbox peripheral. Bad memories of the Vision Camera aside, the big idea that "you are the controller" was admittedly a powerful one. And since the Wii never delivered a definitive "the remote is a lightsabre" experience, all eyes quickly turned to this chunky, self tilting motion device for something truly memorable.

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Jackhass2146d ago

Wow, a passing score! Don't see too many of those for this game.

StrongMan2146d ago

A 3/5 is a 60/100. That's not a passing score. That's an F.