Phantasy Star Online 2 Benchmark Available with Full Character Creator

A special treat for any Phantasy Star Online 2 fans has been released. A benchmark for the title is now available for download and includes the complete character creator.

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Lord_Sloth2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

My "computer" can't even run this demo. =(

Brawler2297d ago

darn i was getting at lest 130fps+ score at the end was 25110

Lucretia2297d ago

me either, the demo is Soooo unstable and i can play witcher 2 so that doesnt make sense. something is wrong

Reibooi2297d ago

My interest in this game has been piqued now that they have said it will be free to play. I always thought that kind of model would suit the franchise better then a full blown pay to play model and I'm excited to play the game and see how well it does.

Redempteur2297d ago

it's a nice editor , i'm looking forward to this game.

vortis2297d ago

Downloading it now...not really my kind of game but the art-style and free editor caught my interest.

NovusTerminus2297d ago

Has Sega given the recommended specs? Cause I should be able to run it but it keeps crashing.

Redempteur2297d ago

maybe it's a unicode problem ?
try changing your setting in japanese